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F r o m   O u r   C l i e n t s

" and the organization have taught us to live inspired to live a life seeking to give even if getting is not available..."

"From a Donor: "Thank you for your time and effort to supply the needs of our fellow Jews in a timely and consistent manner.  I very much appreciate the work of Chasdei Eliyahu.  May HaShem bless you and yours, always"

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the generous financial support that you have gifted me.  These checks helped me tremendously.  

I am extremely appreciative of this kind gesture.  A beautiful present to give to me.  Thank you so much for everything.

We want to thank you so much for Chasdei Eliyahu's generous support for Purim. We are especially grateful that it came before Purim and we were able to avert a utility shut off , as well as some other needs.

Your assistance to us as well as others needing it in the local community is so important . It helps give us bitachon to overcome our hardships   .  Thank you for your hard work and dedication , may you be rewarded by Hashem with many blessings !!

(for Purim baskets)

"I wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your unexpected gifts.  I am a disabled Jewish senior, and my son, who is also disabled, lives with me.  We are low income and survive only on our social security benefits.  In the winter, we keep our thermostat on 58 degrees - our house is always cold because we can't afford what our gas bill would be at a higher temperature.  We were turned down for LIHEAP (heating assistance) benefits because out combined income is $72 above the annual limit to qualify...

We will most enjoy the food and toiletries contained in the Purim box.  Also, your extremely generous check will help us pay our past due  Philadelphia Gas Works  bill, as well as contribute toward my obtaining much needed, long postponed, dental work. 

I was totally surprised by your gift, which the receipt thereof reminded me of the kindness, compassion and generosity of my people.  I am more proud than ever to be a Jew.  Many thanks again, and have a happy and healthy Passover."

Two small words can never describe how big of an impact you made! Thanks So Much.  Many thanks for helping me! It means a great deal!!

"Thank you for the High Holiday food Gift Cards they will be extremely helpful for the holidays."

"Blessed are the givers...And grateful are the receivers.  Thank you so much.

To all the members of Chasdei Eliyahu,

I want to thank everyone of you for your kindness in helping me out with your generous gift to me.  I lost me hearing in my right ear last year, so with your help, I was able to purchase hearing aids.  They have helped me tremendously, so I want to thank all of your for your help and generosity.  May you be blessed to continue your great work!"

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